Why You Could Be Denied Entry Into Canada

immigration application denied by Canadian immigration official.

One of the major worries of foreigners hoping to immigrate to Canada is the fear of being rejected. Though Canada has a welcoming and flexible immigration policy, entry into Canada is onerous, all statutory requirements must be satisfied by the applicant, a minor mistake could stop you from entering Canada.

But hey, do not fret! If you are denied entry, you can with the help of a professional immigration lawyer/expert appeal your case by preparing the right paperwork to prove your case.

There are several reasons you could be denied entry into Canada, ranging from minor to major offences, the following reasons could deny you entry into Canada.

Criminality: If you have a pending criminal lawsuit or if you have been convicted of a crime punishable under Canadian laws, you would be denied entry into Canada. To ensure the safety of the citizens the Canadian government took a proactive step by ensuring criminals or immigrants who pose danger to them are not allowed entry into Canada, DUI/DWI which many may consider a minor offence is a criminal offence in Canada.

Misrepresentation: This is a very serious offence once spotted by the immigration official, Canadians is known for their politeness and they extol honesty, a misrepresentation could mean you have taken their trust for granted and your intent is to cheat and renege on your obligations. Although some misrepresentation is not intentional, however, you would be denied entry into Canada

Health Status: If your health is failing and your health status could strain the healthcare and social service systems, or if you a carrier of a contagious disease, you would be denied entry into Canada. This is a proactive step in keeping Canadians safe. Before you decide you want to move to Canada, ensure you are in good health and your health status will not pose any medical danger in Canada.

Security: You will be denied entry into Canada if you are considered a threat to Canadian security. Ties to radical and terrorist groups would most definitely mar your chances of entry into Canada.

Financial Grounds: If you have decided to move to Canada, you must be prepared to finance your travel and stay for you and your family if you are travelling together. Not having the required financial muscle can cause your entry into Canada to be denied. Your inability to financially cater for yourself and family would cause a strain on the government and taxpayers money, this is a scenario immigration official avoid.

Steps To Take After Being Denied Entry

Despite being denied entry into Canada, once the proper paperwork is filed with the help of an immigration professional, you could appeal your case to prove that your visit is of greater importance than any risk you might pose.

Depending on the reason you were denied entry into Canada, there are supplementary recourses to aid your case and luckily you could be allowed entry into Canada.

If you were refused entry because you could not meet the financial obligations during your stay in Canada, it is important to appeal or reapply when you met the financial threshold. Your appeal would be denied if you don’t meet the financial obligations, there is no shortcut to this process.

If a criminal charge is a ground you were denied entry into Canada, it is necessary to seek or apply for rehabilitation. If your Criminal rehabilitation application is approved, it will clear the criminal records that prevented you from entering Canada in the first place.
The rehabilitation process imbues confidence in the immigration official that you are ready and willing to lead a responsible and stable lifestyle and you are unlikely to re-offend.

If you were refused entry into Canada on health grounds, you will have to prove to the immigration official that your visit to Canada does not pose immediate dangers to Canadians and your case would not cause strain for the healthcare sector and social services.

Regardless of the reasons you were refused entry into Canada, to be able to appeal your case successfully, you must provide compelling applications/evidence. It is advisable to hire the help of a professional immigration expert. You may be issued a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) if your circumstance is justified to enter Canada by the immigration official.



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