What You Need To Know About Canadian Super Visa

A Canadian Super Visa is slightly different from the student, visitor, travel and other visas issued by the Canadian embassy. This visa category is for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents.

Canadian Citizens or  Permanent Residents who wish to bring their parent or grandparent to Canada for an extended period of time can apply for a super visa.

This visa falls under temporary resident permit and allows the holder to stay in Canada for a period of two years per visit, and the validity is 10 years.

Multiple visa-entry allows the holder to stay for a period of 6 months per visit and the visa is valid for ten years. Dependants are not eligible for this visa, but a common-law partner or spouse can come to Canada under this visa

The Parent and Grandparent Super Visa add both social and economic value to the Canadian economy, in the sense that, parents or grandparents can help take care of the kids at home, allowing the sponsor to take part in the Canadian labour force.

Obtaining a Super visa can be challenging because of the shortage of Visa under this program. Incomplete or missing details can deny you this visa, so it’s wise to seek guidance from an immigration expert.

Note: Holders of super visa are not allowed to work in Canada under any circumstance.

Eligibility For Super Visa

This visa category is for parent and grandparent, to be eligible applicants must provide the following:

  • An invitation letter from their child or grandchildren who reside in Canada.
  • The sponsor must provide valid papers and documents to prove financial capability
  • Medical insurance cover for one year or more.
  • Provide a certificate that proves parental relationship preferably a birth certificate or any document that can confirm your claim.
  • Parents and grandparents will be required to complete the immigration medical exam, which you must pass
  • The super visa must be for parents and grandparents and not for a dependent.

How to apply for the super visa:

Before applying for this Visa, admissibility and eligibility must be ascertained first. If you are eligible, you need to confirm if you are from a country that requires biometrics to apply for the visa. If yes, you will need to fill out your form either online or on a paper form. Visit IRCC’s website for more information and application procedures.

You must also:

  • As a grandparent or parent have a letter from your child or grandchild that explicitly invites you to Canada. the letter must also include in it your child’s family that is the number of people living with your child and benefiting financially from him/her in Canada including your spouse.
  • Your host child or children must have with them the following document to prove that they meet the Low Income Cut-off (LICO) requirements.
  • A letter from his/her employer stating clearly the job description, salary and title of the job. if self-employed then the account officer needs to provide a letter which proves your annual income stats.
  • Provide a document to show other sources of income
  • Employment and medical insurance.


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