Visa For The Purpose Of Giving Birth In Canada


Birth tourism as it is fondly called is a big industry in Canada, It grants automatic citizenship to any child born in Canada, this fact has endeared a lot of pregnant women opting to deliver their child in Canada.

This immigration process is entirely legal but lately has been enmeshed with criticism and condemnation from some Canadian residents, citing burden on taxpayers,  when most pregnant women could not offset their bills.

This is an expensive process and there is no shortcut to this visa process.

Although any child born on Canadian soil automatically becomes a citizen regardless if the parents are non-resident, but the downside is, the baby though a Canadian citizen will not be eligible for healthcare or social security benefits, any medical complication have to be sorted by the parents which can be very expensive.

(As published on Canada’s official website) Under paragraph 3(1)(a) of the Citizenship Act, persons born in Canada are Canadian citizens. This right applies to all persons born in Canada, irrespective of the status in Canada of their parents, other than persons born to accredited diplomats

The child will reap the benefits of Canadian citizenship when he/she attains maturity age (18/19) depending on the province.

The parents of a Canadian born child does not attract any special privileges and they are expected to leave the country or apply to stay on a temporary resident visa, provided the applicant is eligible to receive it.

What It Feels Like Giving Birth In Canada

Aside from the incredible healthcare and surreal environment, the anxiety of giving birth in Canada is often time overwhelming. Most pregnant women in Canada face alienation because some Residents see them as taking advantage of Canadian flexible immigration policy.

With the demand to abolish birthright citizenship, most pregnant women avoid ostracism by staying in a birthing hotel where the experience is entirely different. Birthing hotels provide myriad of services like booking appointments with doctors and transportation.

The birthing hotel rooms are home to pregnant women who enter Canada for the purpose of giving birth when they are around five months pregnant, and while they’re still able to fly.

Cost Of Delivering A Child In Canada

Honestly this an expensive venture, and if you do not have the requisite financial capability to cater to all your finances during your short stay in Canada, your application may be declined.

The choice of hospital for medical checks and delivery and other preferences by the immigrant may cause the price to vary depending on the province.

Eligibility For Giving Birth in Canada

To be eligible to enter Canada for the purpose of giving birth is hinged on these requirements (as culled from official Canada’s website

  • Do the applicants have enough cash to cover their medical and other miscellaneous expenses during their stay in Canada? And in case of an emergency which could spiral the cost of medicals.
  • Is the applicant admissible into Canada? Applicants with criminal history or applicants who pose health/security risk may be denied entry into Canada.
  • Will they leave Canada at the expiration of their visa? Most applicants are delinquent in their obligations by overstaying in Canada, an act which is frowned on by officials.


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