Types Of Canadian Visas

With increasing Labor shortage, good governance, world-class educational, healthcare system and security of lives and property, Canada remains destination choice for most immigrants.

The immigration process of moving to Canada can be disconcerting for most unsuccessful applicants and can be very expensive for naive applicants who lack basic information about the immigration process.

Considering the type of Canadian Visa that suits your needs is the first step in your immigration process. Often times immigrants make the fumbling mistake of trying to get a job in Canada with a Tourist Visa which is illegal and criminal once caught.

Why Is A Visa Required

A visa is an official authorization issued by a country to a foreigner, allowing them to enter into the country and be legally able to stay either temporarily or permanently.

An immigration officer has the responsibility after due diligence to either permit or rejects entry of visitors. If the immigration official catches a whiff of dishonesty in your application be assured your Visa will be denied, Canadian immigration officials extol honesty and that is a trait prevalent in Canada.

Who Needs A Visa

A visa is required for most country nationals before they are granted entry into Canada unless he/she holds a passport issued by one of the fifty-four visa exempt countries.

There are several Visa types that allow entry into Canada and each has its own requirements and peculiarity.

This article will highlight the different types of visa required to enter Canada for non-exempt visa nationals.

Types Of Canadian Visa

There are two categories of Canadian visas, each category has their own specific visa applicants can apply for depending whether they satisfy the eligibility criteria.

Before applying, you need to decide if a temporary or permanent visa fits your goal or define your represent situation. The difference between these categories of visa is the duration of stay.

Temporary Resident Visas

As the name implies Temporary visas allow for a short or temporary stay for the purpose of tourism, visit, study or work in Canada, and some Temporary visa is work exempted, meaning you can not work with such visa.

However, the temporary visa can be multiple entry or a single entry visa.

  • Tourist/Visitor Visa: This Visa category is great for those who want to explore the beauty of Canada, whether it is the appealing sight of Niagara Falls or the enchanting landscapes. A single-entry visa allows you to visit Canada once and is valid for up to six months from your date of arrival. For single entry visas, your passport should be valid for at least six months. A multiple-entry visa will allow you to stay in Canada for a period of six months at a time and can be valid for up to 10 years.

Note: With this visa, you are allowed to visit incredible sites and have unrestricted fun so long you do not overstay. It is illegal to work on a tourist visa without authorization.

  •  Student VisaThe student visa allows foreign students who have been offered provisional admission from any Canadian university to complete their education. Canada is home to some of the world top-rated academic institution and research centres, there is no dearth of reasons why it is the destination hub for international students. A general Visa is issued for a study course, not more than six months. However, any work done under a student visa does not count as work experience. follow this link to read more about the student visa
  • Super Visa: Permanent residents or Canadian citizens can sponsor their parents or grandparents for an extended period, the validity of this visa is up to 10 years.
  • Diplomatic/Official Visa: This visa allows diplomats of foreign nations to enter Canada for Diplomatic and official purposes.
  • Courtesy Visa: This category of visa is issued to foreign nationals who do not qualify for a Diplomatic and Official Visa, but considering their positions in their home country are considered for Courtesy Visa.
  • Visa For The Purpose Of Giving BirthThis visa, usually valid for 6 months are issued to pregnant women who wish to seek medical care and give birth in Canada. The child automatically becomes a Canadian citizen even if the parents are not citizens or residents, however, this visa does not allow the parent to claim medical and social benefits enjoyed by Canadian citizens.
  • Temporary Foreign Worker Visas: Are issued to people who have a valid job offer and positive LMIA report and the duration of the work will last up to 6 months.
  • Temporary Resident Permit: This permit is issued to people who need to be in Canada for a very short time, like attending a seminar or workshop that lasts for two weeks or less.
  • Working Holiday Visa: This visa is selective and only open for nationals of 30 eligible countries. Young people are randomly selected to come to work and explore Canada.

Permanent Visas

This Visa category accords the holder the legal backing to live and work in Canada and also enjoy privileges.

This Visa is subdivided into categories

Express Entry Visas

The Express Entry program is aimed at attracting highly skilled professionals from all over the world, whose expertise would translate to the development of the province they reside.

The following are part of the Express Entry program.

  • Provincial Nomination Program (PNP): Canadian Provinces in need of specific skill sets sponsor high ranking profiles in the Express Entry Pool for Permanent Residency. The sponsored Immigrant is expected by the province to live and contribute positively to the province through their expertise.
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP): Under the Express Entry Program, the visa is issued to professionals with required specific skills that would be beneficial to the Canadian economy.
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP): Qualified tradespeople in the following occupation qualifies for this visa category
  1. Carpenters
  2. Aircraft Mechanics
  3. Crane Operators
  4. Heavy-duty Equipment Mechanics
  5. Electricians
  6. Machinists
  7. Iron-workers
  8. Welders
  9. Plumbers, etc.

Canada Experience Class: This visa is aimed at foreign nationals already working in Canada with one-year full-time experience or as a part-time employee in the past 3 years, who wish to become permanent residents.

Business Visa

The Canadian government encourages people to invest and contribute to the economic growth of Canada.
With low business cost/ tax rates and a highly skilled workforce, Canada is an ideal place to invest in.

This visa category is aimed at investors whose impact will positively affect the Canadian economy.

Immigrant Investor Program: This visa category is for people who will make investments in Canada, to qualify for this visa, you must have a net worth of at least CAD$1,000,000 and be willing to invest CAD$400,000.

Entrepreneur Program: To qualify for this visa, you must have a net worth of at least CAD$300,000 and be able to create and maintain employment within 3 years of stay.

Self Employed Program: To immigrate as a self-employed person, you must have the relevant experiences to make meaningful contributions in Canada, and also demonstrate your ability to become economically established in Canada

Other Permanent Visa Categories

Live-In Caregiver Program (LCP): This visa category is for qualified caregivers who are willing to take care or children, elderly people and people with medical needs.

Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers Program: This program attracts skilled workers all over the world to immigrate and contribute to the economic development of the province of Quebec. Once you satisfy the requirements, the provincial government of Quebec will provide you with a Quebec Selection Certification, which you can use to apply for immigration.

Family Sponsorship Program: Once you have attained Permanent Residence status in Canada, or if you have a relative who is a Permanent Resident he/she can sponsor a family member to move to Canada on a permanent basis.


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