Tips To Get A Canadian Job Offer

Tips To Get A Canadian Job Offer

Canada is a country populated with well educated and skilled people, It is often an arduous task getting a job offer outside Canada except your skill’s in urgent demand, however, the process is onerous but can be simplified.

There is always a preference for educated, experienced and young immigrants who wish to move to Canada, so before thinking of moving to Canada, ensure you have acquired relate-able skills or education that can impact on the province you desire to settle in.

Like earlier stated, because of the population of educated and skilled workers prevalent in Canada, it is sometimes difficult for foreign applicants to get consideration except you offer a unique skill, or your occupation fits the occupation that demands certain categories of workers.

Jobs like Farming, or housekeeping and some other categories of jobs, demands applicants from specific continents like Asia, North America and Africa, under this category foreign applicants can apply and be hopeful of success. If you work with a Canadian company with branches in your country, you can apply for transfer.

Determine your area of specialization or skill set and find the Canadian province that best suits your needs, it is important to note that Canadian Provinces have different requirements and dominant sectors, you should learn about the different provinces to enable you to focus your energy on relevance.

Foreign applicants should learn to format your resume and cover letters in Canadian style. This brings familiarity when a potential employer is reading your cover letter or resume, when the style of writing is distant and not unfamiliar they tend not to invest time and interest reading it, which is bad news for any applicant.

Keep in mind any international work experience, study experience and internship you have is an added bonus, you must include it.

Who Can Apply For Canadian Jobs

So long as you satisfy all requirements you can apply for jobs, but these categories of people are more likely to get a job than regular applicants

  • Young educated applicants
  • Experienced qualified professionals with a proficiency of either English or French, depending on the province you are applying
  • Professionals willing to switch careers

If after unsuccessful attempts to secure a job in Canada, it is advisable, the applicants continue growing as a professional, improve on your areas of weakness, gain more meaningful work experience, or upgrade your skills or educational qualification, Canadian workforce is revered for its robust workforce.

Applying For A Job In Canada

There are various ways of landing your dream job in Canada, but one of the easy and accessible ways is through Express Entry or job hunting online.

Express Entry

This immigration scheme is aimed at attracting a skilled workforce and permanent residents who will through their diverse expertise contribute positively to the development of the desired province. Express Entry has helped a lot of applicants who either wish to settle permanently or work in Canada. Though this process is one of the easiest but does not work for everyone.

You need to have enticing

  • skill sets
  • work experience and
  • education to be nominated by a province through the PNP or the employer.

Overall the Express entry has had tremendous feedback from applicants.

To apply through Express Entry, applicants need to create a profile in the Express Entry pool, where information displayed profiles will be ranked based on the aforementioned criteria. Information on your profile should be as accurate and detailed. Highest ranked profiles with nominated by a province will be sent an Invitation To Apply (ITA).

Note: If after 12 months you are unsuccessful in landing a job or provincial nomination, you need to submit another entry profile, but this time, improve on your perceived weakness.

Applying Online

The internet provides a lot of opportunities across different sectors and is easily accessible when searching for jobs.

Regrettably, there are some fraudsters online preying on unsuspecting victims, applicants should be vigilant when searching for jobs online. Often time when an offer is too good to be true, take your time and make an extensive research about the job offer and the province.

Canada offers a centralized database, and it is easy to find information in Canada at the tip of your fingers.
It is a good idea to check Canada’s

where verified job adverts are placed

Keep Your Resume Updated

There are lots of available jobs in Canada and so many professionals competing for the same position, if your Resume stands out from the crowd, you might get lucky. Check online for Canadian Resume/CV writing tips to spruce your Resume/CV.

Work with Recruiters

Working with an employment agency provides you with numerous advantages, like interview tips, cover letter or Resume/CV writing tips and other necessary information you will be needing. There are lots of highly rated recruiters in Canada.


Attending professional seminar or events is another avenue you can leverage during a job hunt. You can make incredible connections and even search for recruiters to help you. If you have the time and financial capability entering Canada on a Visitor/Tourist Visa affords you the opportunity to explore Canada.

Regardless of your choice.

Good luck in your pursuit.


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