Interesting Facts About Canada

Canada is a North American country which stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific and into the Arctic Ocean. Canada shares the border with the United States to the south, the border between Canada and the United States is the longest international border in the world stretching a staggering 8,891 kilometres. Despite its enormous size Canada is sparsely populated, much of the land is covered by tundra and vast forest. Canada like most countries of the world was colonized. The British and French were Canada’s colonial master.

Canada is a diverse multicultural country, with world-class urban cities and top-notch educational and healthcare system. There is no dearth of a reason why Canada is beloved, and with its friendly immigration policies, millions of immigrants are proud to call Canada home.

I know you are enthusiastic about Canada and wish to explore the serenity the country offer, but before you pack your bag, you should be aware of these facts about Canada.

Canada Is Cold

If you come from a country with a wild or warmer climate, be prepared for the harsh winter cold Canada climate offers. The temperature can sometimes drop below -40°C in Winnipeg, but with proper clothing and attitude you will be all right.

Outdoor recreation is during winter is a fantasy except you are a fan of Ice Hockey, which is the most popular outdoor event during winter.

Canada Is Very Big

Canada covers a staggering 3.8 million square miles (9.9 million square kilometres), which makes it the second largest country in the World after Russia, based on area. Canada extends beyond the Atlantic, Pacific and the Arctic Ocean, it has the longest coastline in the world measuring 151,473 miles long. The United Kingdom can confidently fit into Canada 40 times, amazing right? That’s how big Canada is. Canada has an estimated population of 37.28 million

Canada is divided into ten Provinces and territories. The provinces are empowered by the Constitution Act of 1867 to be independent of the federal government to set laws and govern the affairs of the provinces, while territories draw their power from the federal government.

Canada Has Two Official Languages

Canada is a bilingual country, owing to the rich history of Canada, the Canadian Government adopted English and French as official languages.
French native speaker constitutes 21% of the country’s population and Quebec is a predominant French Province. While 58% of the Canadian population are English speakers. However, both languages have equal status in Canada.

Everybody Loves Poutine

Canada’s national dish is Quebec’s delicacy called Poutine. Poutine gained prominence in 1957 when a trucker made an off the menu order of adding cheese on his chips and gravy. You dare not come between a Canadian and this sumptuous national dish.

Canada Is A Trillion Dollar Economy

The Canadian economy has withered economic storms over the years. With a robust economy and highly educated workforce, the Canadian economy is a multi-trillion dollar economy, a model to most countries.

With low moderate taxation and enabling environment, investors and job seekers are thronging in their numbers to Canada.

You Can Become A Canadian Citizen

Too good to be true right? well its the entire truth, you can become a Canadian citizen if you satisfy the eligibility requirements. This is the ultimate dream of every immigrant, becoming a Canadian citizen gives you the right to vote and be voted for, and also you can travel to most countries of the world with absolutely no need for a visa.

Canada Offers Asylum

If you are facing political persecution in your home country, or your life is at risk due to cultural or religious bias, and you can prove your case to the Canadian authorities, you may be granted asylum. Also, refugees from war-torn countries after proper documentation could be allowed entry into Canada.


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