Facts About Canada’s National Dish

Poutine is a culinary pride of Quebec that started off as a joke and metamorphosed into a national dish worthy of celebration.

No consensus exists as regards to who invented poutine, but it is often speculated that after one trucker made an off the menu request, poutine became a dish worth celebrating.

Poutine came to prominence after a trucker made a stop-over at a Quebec restaurant owned by Fernand Lachance in 1957 and made an off the menu request to add extra cheese curd to his fries. This singular act birthed the popular Poutine cuisine enjoyed all over Canada, some parts of the United States and Japan.

Actually “Poutine” is a slang commonly used in Quebec which means “Mess”, no wonder the spread at first was met with scorn but gradually the love of poutine creeps into the hearts of Canadians and boom a national culinary and pride of Canada emerged.

Though it may seem uninviting for most foreigners or uninitiated Canadians, make no mistake about it, Canadians got mad love for this experimental but successful national dish.

This may sound weird but you have been eating poutine your whole life except of course you do not eat fries. Poutine is just loaded fries, french fries covered with cheese curds and gravvy.

Everyone who has tasted poutine would testify to the feeling of ecstasy derived when poutine is consumed. Poutine is laced with a lot of calories, which induces dopamine, a chemical the body releases when calories enter the body.

Poutine is a delicious delicacy, but what is the health experts opinion on consuming too much poutine?

Poutine is rich in fat, cholesterol, carbohydrate, sodium and energy when we consume these in large quantities, our body reacts to these new sweet invaders.

According to research, it is claimed consuming too much poutine can clog your arteries, digestion in your body takes longer time between 24 to 72 hours to digest fully, when excess poutine is consumed and enough sugar is deposited in our body, to balance the excess sugar our body’s insulin work rigorously to lower the glucose levels, therefore, making you feel a bit hungrier, though you may be full already.

But does these facts scare Canadians who relish on this sumptuous delicacy? Hell no.
In fact, a poutine eating contest was organized in 2010 in Toronto, an American from Chicago was declared the eventual winner after a fierce contest, eating 5.9 kg of poutine, sounds scary right? Canadians in their quest to showcase this wonderful delicacy, made the largest poutine the world has seen, weighing a staggering 654 kg.

Are Canadians reckless with their healthy lifestyle by consuming too much poutine? far from it, Canadians are conscious not just of their environment but of their health and lifestyle. Canadians engage in a daily exercise routine to burn off the excess calories from the body.

So, if you are in Canada and you try to come between a Canadian and his love for poutine, you have earned yourself an unscheduled flight back to your home country! lolz… I am only kidding.

Pack your passport and luggage and head to Canada to have a feel of what drive most Canadians wild when they consume poutine. You might eventually fall in love with this weird but sumptuous delicacy.


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