Easiest Ways to Move to Canada

It is a known fact that Canada is a global destination for immigrants around the world. With its robust economy, quality healthcare and educational system.

Yearly the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) receives thousands of application from prospective applicants globally, unfortunately, most applications are denied.

With all the challenges and costs of the immigration process, the easiest way into Canada is not always available to most people. If you don’t have the money or skills, obtaining a visa to immigrate to Canada can become difficult.

Hailed as one of the safest countries in the world, Canada offers plenty of employment opportunities and better life prospects, with an excellent educational system and free basic healthcare, there is no dearth of reasons immigrants in their thousands throng to Canada.

This article will highlight cheap and easy ways to immigrate to Canada. While these methods are legal, you should note this won’t work for everyone.

 Canadian Spousal Sponsorship

Marrying a Canadian citizen or permanent resident is one of the cheapest and fastest ways into Canada.

Sadly this noble and romantic gestures has been hijacked by criminals and fraudsters whose only interest is gaining permanent residency through Spousal Sponsorship.

You must be 18+ before you can qualify for spousal sponsorship, and other prerequisites required by the

This common and illegal act known commonly as “marriage fraud” is facing a tough crackdown by the Canadian government.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will determine your eligibility.  The immigration officials extol honesty and transparency, so if you tow this path, your application process will experience dearth hurdles.

If you renege on your obligations, your status will be revoked by the appropriate authorities and your chances of re-entering Canada will be slim.

One of the highlights of Spousal Sponsorship, once done properly is the privilege of staying in Canada as a permanent resident.

As a permanent resident, you can live, work and receive free basic healthcare services.

 Study Permit

International students studying in Canada have the privilege of applying for permanent residency status before or after completing their studies.

Home to some of the world’s top academic institutions and research centres, Canada makes one of the best destinations for international students

Graduates of Canadian institutions can also be sponsored for Permanent Residence status through the Provincial Nominee Program. Accepting sponsorship from a Province is part of your obligation and commitment that you will remain in the province for a certain period of time. However, you need to research the provincial nominee program to understand what is required to qualify for permanent residence

There are several scholarships open in Canada, so study with scholarship and get permanent residency in Canada

 Seek Asylum

Brave Africans continue to lend their voices in the big fight against political injustice, massive corruption and insecurity prevalent in Africa, often times this courageous act of defiance against evil is often met with brute persecution from the Ruling government, as such creates a volatile environment for these Africans.

Most applicants have no idea Canada offers asylum for immigrants who face persecution and unfair treatments from their home country, and most importantly you must prove your claim is valid.

Every year, Canada welcomes approximately 30,000 refugees who have been persecuted in their home countries. There are two systems in place to seek asylum in Canada as a refugee.

The Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program works outside of Canada and the In-Canada Refugee Protection Process is for people who have already crossed the border.

The entire process may take up to 18 months, but many potential refugees are given permission to live and work in Canada in the meantime.

Live-In Caregiver

Families in Canada who are busy due to their schedules usually hire Live-in Caregivers to provide care for children, elderly people or persons with medical needs.

The Live-In Caregiver program is another faster route to becoming a permanent resident in Canada. Before you qualify, you must have a job offer and a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) report.

You can qualify for permanent residency if you satisfy the following requirements as a Live-In caregiver

  • Twenty four months of full-time Live-in employment or
  • You, your spouse or any member of your family does not have a criminal record or a serious medical problem or a security threat
  • Language proficiency (English/French)
  • The information provided during the application process is accurate

Note: When applying for permanent residence status, you must list all your family members, so they can undergo medical, and security screening at the time of your application. In a later date, you cannot sponsor any family member who was not listed or screened.

Visitor’s Visa

With a Visitor Visa, you can enter Canada without a job offer and work permit. This visa category allows you to explore Canada within the specified time you are allowed in the country.

But unfortunately you cannot work in Canada with a Visitor’s Visa, however, you can use this ample opportunity to scout for potential employers/recruiters and make a connection for future work.

Note: You don’t have to carry a hard copy of your CV/Resume along with you, leave it in the cloud. If you are caught with a copy of your CV/Resume at the point of entry, your visa may be revoked on the grounds of dishonesty. Visitor’s Visa is very categorical, so do your best not to violate the trust.

NAFTA Work Permit

Honestly, this is one the fastest process of working in Canada. This only applies to people who work in companies with a Canadian arm or subsidiary.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) allows expedited temporary work permit in Canada.

Nationals of Mexico and the United States who apply for a temporary work permit through NAFTA does not need the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

To qualify for NAFTA work permit, applicants must be nationals of eligible countries.

Family sponsorship

This isn’t for everyone but if you have a relative in Canada who is a Permanent Resident or a Canadian citizen, they can sponsor you for permanent residence. If granted, you’ll be able to live, work, and/or study in Canada indefinitely.



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