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Canada is a magnificent country with beautiful landscapes and breathtaking green environment. The incredible winter weather is a hotspot for lovers of Ice Hockey. With low corporate taxes and a thriving economy, Canada is home to diverse multi-ethnicity and culture making tourism more fun.

Canada is home to some of the world best research facilities, world-class educational and healthcare system. Hailed as one of the safest countries to live and do business in.

Do you wish to explore and discover breathtaking scenes that abound Canada?

Are you ready to pack your bags and make a run for the airport to enter Canada?

Then this article will serve your interest by providing you with the requisite information you need about the Canada Visitor Visa.

What Is Canada Visitor Visa?

Canada Visitor Visa also known as Canada Tourist Visa or Canadian Temporary Resident Visa (TVR) is a temporary visa that allows foreigners to enter Canada for the purpose of Tourism/holidays, Visiting, for a maximum of six months after which you are expected to return back to your home country, stay in Canada beyond this duration is illegal and once caught may mar your chances of re-entering Canada.

The Canada Visa Tourist is categorized into two and each has a peculiar duration

  • Single Entry Visa
  • Multiple Entry Visa

Single Entry Visa allows the holder to enter Canada once, and reapply whenever he/she wants to visit Canada again, while Multiple Entry Visa allows the holder to enter Canada for a period of six months and not reapply each time he/she wants to visit Canada again.

Who Needs A Canada Visitor Visa

Only nationals of visa-exempt countries can enter Canada without visas, but citizens of non-visa exempt countries need to apply through the Canadian Embassy or consulate in their home country.

Who Should Apply For Canada Visitor Visa

If you have planned on visiting Canada, you should be aware of the requirements you must satisfy before you are eligible to apply for the Tourist Visa.

You must:

  • Have no criminal record or activity
  • Not pose a security threat
  • Be in good health (Undergo medical examination if required)
  • Convince the immigration officer you will leave Canada when your Visa expires
  • Prove you have enough money to cater for your expenses while in Canada
  • Not work or study in Canada unless authorized to do so
  • provide any additional requested documents by the officer to establish your admissibility
  • Have a valid passport

You do not need a medical exam if you plan to visit of study for less than six months, but if your plan to visit or study for more than six months you will need a medical exam if you have
lived temporarily in any of some select countries for six or more months.

If your application for a temporary resident visa is refused, you should know there is no appeal process. After you have significant new information to submit you can re-apply.

Note: Entry to Canada is a privilege, not a right. You must meet the necessary requirements

  • Apply for your tourist visa weeks before your planned departure
  • ensure you fill out your form carefully and accurately if you do not understand a phrase, seek help.
  • when submitting your application form bring along supporting documents.
  • If required, you will need to appear in person for your biometric information taken at a biometric service point.

Canadian Visitor Visa Fee

The Visitor Visa application fee for Single and Multiple entries is CAD$100 (per person), for five or more is CAD$500.

The Biometrics fee per person is CAD$85, two or more CAD$170

Passport processing which will cost around CAD$45.

Note: Fees may change at any time.

Visa Processing Time

The processing time is different depending on the country you are applying from, it usually takes about 8 to 40 days for your visa to be processed.

You must not stay for more than six months at a time, despite how long your visa is valid for. After six months you are expected to return back to your home country, stay a while then you can return back to Canada

How To Apply

You can either apply online or on paper, if you apply on paper you need to submit the completed forms at the local embassy or consulate.

To apply online you will need a credit/debit card, scanner or camera to be able to create electronic copies of your information.

You are expected to fill out every information accurately, any whiff of dishonesty sniffed by the immigration officer can mar your application process. It is also pertinent you pay close attention to the details, misinformation whether deliberate or unknowingly can ruin your application.

Submit your completed Visa Application form to your local Canada Visa Application Center (CVAC) and pay the required fees.

Once you have submitted your application, the Canadian consulate will process the application in the next few weeks.

You may be invited for a visa interview or biometric if it is deemed necessary.

If your visa is approved, you will need to submit your passport for processing and stamping.

Once your passport is stamped, you can now legally enter Canada.



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